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A Thank You Letter from a Parent

Oct 13, 2009
To the entire staff,

Generosity, love, joy & happiness – these are the gifts the children receive at your center. Not to mention – attention, a loving word, a comforting atmosphere after an exhausting school day, attention to every detail and, of course, a warm meal.

You are the people that have helped our children forget the tension and fears of the last few years – the time spent in shelters and security rooms, the sounds of rockets falling and the uncertainty that enveloped each of us after each fall. You made sure to restore their sense of peace and stability.

Thank you also for the day camp you operated this summer. For the first time ever, my daughter was able to experience so many new things which, as her parents, we are not able to give her. You didn’t skimp on anything in order to make sure that our children had a memorable summer. This was apparent to me every time my daughter returned from camp glowing and eager to tell me about her adventures.

All that is left for me to say is “thank you” from the bottom of my heart for all your efforts on behalf of my daughter and all the other children.

Just as you provide so much joy for our children may G-D bestow joy upon you and your families,

With blessings for a happy New Year,
Hagit L.M
Mother to Lior L.
Grade 4

Thank You from a Proud Parent

May 19, 2009
At the last parents meeting in our son’s school, Sagi’s teacher gave him many compliments. His behavior in the classroom has improved dramatically. The teacher says his concentration, curiosity and participation has improved in ALL subjects.

We attribute Sagi’s success to Afikim since his improvement began once he joined the program. We feel that you not only encourage the children, but also give them a lot of positive reinforcement and teach the children successful study habits.

The professionalism and the personal warmth of the staff is also worthy of high praise.

We would like to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for accepting Sagi to the program and we hope he will continue next year.

Yochi and Dotan

A Child's Thanks

May 07, 2009
I would like to thank you for all your support – the food coupons really helped my family as did the other gifts you gave us for the holiday. I am grateful for everything you do for me and my family. Thank you for everything.

I really hope that I will continue to participate in the after school center next year – it has provided me with a “bayit cham”, a warm home. Instead of wandering the streets, I spend the afternoons at the wonderful center with great teachers. Thanks to your help, I have improved in my studies, and made lots of friends. Happy and Kosher Passover!

With love,
Noa A. Grade 5

Thank You Letter from a Parent

Feb 10, 2009
My name is Meital and I am the mother of S. in grade 4.

Thank you for helping my son. Two months ago I came to a parent teacher conference and I found out that my son’s grades have been falling dramatically. I had a talk with him and made it clear that this cannot continue and I also spoke with Merav, a teacher at the after-school center, and asked for her assistance. Two months ago, S. was getting grades of 35 -50 on his English exams – last week he brought home a 100 on a surprise quiz in English! I have to say that before Merav started to sit with him, S. barely knew the English alphabet, now he can even read whole words. In mathematics he didn’t know the multiplication table and long division and now, thanks to Merav and his school teacher, he also received a 100 on his test.

Thank you also for the parents’ course that meets once a week. We are going through a difficult time and the Wednesday meeting really helps us. The group has turned out to be like a supportive family and for two hours every week I can forget all my troubles and just concentrate on my children’s upbringing. Every week I learn something new that I try to implement in my daily life and in my interaction with my children.

Thank you for everything.
Meital C.

Thanks from Parents and Children

Jul 15, 2008
When a word is released into space it takes on a power of its own. One can immediately determine if it has significance or was just said in passing. But when words are put on paper they encompass more than just the written word – they are filled with depths of meaning and emotion.

“Thank you…” It is a beautiful phrase full of meaning. It is a word that encompasses both love and appreciation. So from the depths of our hearts we say to you “thank you”

Thank you for the initiative of Afikim which gives so much to our children. Thank you for the summer camp that has responded to a great need. Thank you for the idea, investment, thought and good will. For the happiness, smiles and joy we see on our children’s faces. The improvements on their report cards we have already witnessed, the friendships they have forged we are experiencing. All due to the blessed mission you have undertaken. “

In this letter we extend a personal “thank you” from each of the parents. We wish you a wonderful summer and good health and we look forward to continuing to a fruitful next year.

Parents and children
Hanel Jerusalem branch

Letter from a School Principal

Jun 01, 2008
‏כ”ח אייר תשס”ח

I would like to express my amazement and appreciation for the wonderful work that takes place in the Afikim Enrichment Center.

In a very short period of time you have succeeded in establishing a center to be proud of! Our students eagerly await the time of the day when they participate in the center’s activities, and their parents have been reporting a high level of satisfaction. We are already seeing sparks of progress amongst our students. Tali, director of the center, and the entire wonderful staff have been in regular contact with our school administration in a joint effort to improve the opportunities available to our children.

Kudos on this wonderful project!

With Deepest Respect,
Eti Yediya
Principal, Geulim School

We need your help!

Generosity, love, joy & happiness – these are the gifts the children receive at your center. Not to mention – attention, a loving word, a comforting atmosphere after an exhausting school day, attention to every detail and, of course, a warm meal.