About Afikim

We at Afikim have been working already for a decade at helping and promoting children and youth at-risk in Israel and their families. What, actually, are children at-risk? A child at-risk is one who is growing up in a family that cannot respond to all his needs: emotional, economical, nutritional and educational.
Established over a decade ago, in memory of Tova and Shamai Hanel z”l, the Afikim Family Enrichment Association serves a vital role within Israeli society. With increasing numbers of children at risk of poverty, neglect or abuse, Afikim’s primary aim is to work with these children and their families, and address their educational, nutritional and recreational needs through educational support, enrichment programs, parenting workshops and more. Afikim guides these children, and their families, to dream of a better future and fulfil that dream.

We need your help!

Love, joy & happiness – these are the gifts the children receive at the Afikim center. Not to mention – attention, kindness, a comforting atmosphere, academic help and, of course, a warm meal.