Enrichment Activities

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Extra-curricular activities at Afikim enable children to excel beyond academics and develop their potential in many different areas. Once a week, all children participate in activities including music, drama, sports and martial arts.

While these types of pursuits are easily available for children from more privileged backgrounds, Afikim’s children would have no access to them without this program. Like all facets of Afikim, extra-curricular activities help close the achievement gap between disadvantaged children and those from higher socio-economic backgrounds.
Help Afikim provide needy children in Israel with a well – rounded education that includes extra – curricular activities.

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Generosity, love, joy & happiness – these are the gifts the children receive at your center. Not to mention – attention, a loving word, a comforting atmosphere after an exhausting school day, attention to every detail and, of course, a warm meal.