Economic Aid

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Food for Thought and Economic Help

Afikim believes in providing fishing rods, and not in giving out fish, from an understanding that only by developing the abilities of children and youth at-risk and investment in their education and academic excellence will they be able to break out of the cycle of poverty and become independent citizens.

Even so, it has become clear after years of working in this program, that Afikim children, and sometimes other members of their families, also need material help, alongside investments in education and in personal and professional training for their parents. All children have a hot and nutritious lunch at the Afikim center and a snack in the early evening, before returning home.

We know that every child, no matter how diligent and dedicated, cannot learn and grow on an empty and grumbling stomach. That is why at Afikim we give them not only food for thought, but also food that enables thought, good health, growth and development, as each and every child deserves.

In addition, Afikim supports and accompanies the children’s families with financial assistance, as well as professional guidance and training for the parents. This assistance includes gift vouchers for purchases before Jewish Holidays, enabling families to buy required groceries and celebrate the holidays respectfully, help with purchasing school supplies and others.

The main principle is to provide vouchers and not the items themselves, so that each family can choose themselves what they want to buy and learn better financial management. Vouchers enable families to lift their heads in self-respect and make their own purchases as they need.
Afikim brings new hope and optimism to struggling families and communities throughout Israel.

We need your help!

Generosity, love, joy & happiness – these are the gifts the children receive at your center. Not to mention – attention, a loving word, a comforting atmosphere after an exhausting school day, attention to every detail and, of course, a warm meal.