Afternoon Youth Centers

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Answering the Needs of Each Child

Working in small groups, Afikim’s teachers strive to give each and every child the care and attention that builds self-confidence and knowledge. Afikim centers are run by coordinators, who act as a liaison between the children’s parents and their teachers, making regular home visits to assess their needs. They ensure that each child receives essential items such as school supplies and clothing, whenever needed.
Over the six year program, Afikim helps disadvantaged children develop the self-assurance and social tools to succeed in school, serve in the Israeli army, and become productive, contributing members of society.
Give a child the gift of a better life and brighter future!

We need your help!

Generosity, love, joy & happiness – these are the gifts the children receive at your center. Not to mention – attention, a loving word, a comforting atmosphere after an exhausting school day, attention to every detail and, of course, a warm meal.