RUN4AFIKIM is the longest organized charity relay run in the world. Every year dozens of athletes from Israel and abroad participate in this fantastic event. The event begins on a Wednesday evening in Jerusalem and small teams of runners continue non-stop for 36 hours covering the full 370 km (230 miles) distance until arriving in Eilat on Friday morning.
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The route passes through some of Israel’s most remote and beautiful sites. Runners enjoy the serenity of running and watching the sunrise in the Negev as well under the magnificent starlit night of the Arava . During the run, the participants meet with groups of Afikim children, who come out to cheer them on and sometimes even run a join in for a little bit.
ESTABLISHED in 2013 by a dedicated group of volunteers, Run4Afikim is Afikim’s main fundraising event of the year. Runners are required to fundraise a minimum amount to participate and this is matched by charitable foundations and corporate sponsors such as IBM and Isrotel. The funds from the event are directly used to support and grow Afikim’s programs throughout the year. The race emphasizes the value of giving and caring for others, as well as getting to know the country, education for a healthy and active lifestyle, and hard work and training, which results in success.
HOW IT WORKS: Run4Afikim is an organized relay run where at any given time one team is running one of the 36 sections that range in distance from 8 to 14 km. Between each section, runners have 6-7 hours to rest and prepare for their upcoming leg. Teams complete 4 or 5 legs totalling around 50 km over 36 hours. On the last day of the race, all groups meet up at the entrance to Eilat and run the final few kilometers into the city together.
#Run4Another. This year, as the runners are completing their journey to Eilat, we invite people from Israel and around the world to participate in this new fundraising event #Run4Another – dedicated to the memory of Afikim’s dear friend and Run4Afikim runner Ariel Goldsmith z”l. Simply run, walk or jog any distance during that time for Afikim and help raise the funds for a new Afikim Center in Israel’s south. Post your pictures on Instagram, tag us or simply whatsapp your pictures and stories to us and we will post them for you. As you reach different fundraising targets, you will receive super cool #Run4Another swag. Experience a run, and a project that you have never experienced before.

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Generosity, love, joy & happiness – these are the gifts the children receive at your center. Not to mention – attention, a loving word, a comforting atmosphere after an exhausting school day, attention to every detail and, of course, a warm meal.