Run to reduce poverty

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Afikim helps kids with meals, tutoring, life skills.
The annual Run 4 Afikim supports Afikim, a nonprofit organization in Israel that addresses child poverty. One of the participants in the run – for two consecutive years now – has been former Vancouverite Esther Edel.

6th Run 4 Afikim from Jerusalem to Eilat Raised $260K

JERUSALEM, January 22, 2019 – Sixty-five runners raised $260,000 for the Afikim educational charity. Jerusalem’s Deputy Mayor Elisha Peleg dispatched the runners January 9th at the First Station.

In the long run

Washington Jewish Week

Silver Spring native and Jerusalem resident Michal Gorlin Becker raised $3,500 in the 216-mile run from Jerusalem to Eilat to benefit Afikim, an anti-poverty nonprofit. The run, from Jan. 9 to 11, raised $260,000. Becker is a graduate of Berman Hebrew Academy in Rockville.

Running in the rain

The sixth annual relay race from the First Station to Eilat kicked off this week, to raise attention and funds for Afikim. Key stats: 36 hours of race and 60 runners who will run 370 kilometers – in the wind, rain and cold, for the benefit of the children supported by the Afikim association.

Magen David Yeshivah Welcomed Interesting Guests, Shmouel and Batel


When Shmouel, batel and Rabbi Lefkowitz entered my 8th grade classroom, I knew they would give a presentation that would have an impact on my life and I would remember them forever.

Afikim: Making a Difference

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Afikim graduates Shmuel and Batel Asmara took Bergen County by storm and brought a whole new perspective to the recent Torah portion Ki Tavo with stories of their arrival from Ethiopia to modern-day Israel and their complete but rocky absorption into Israeli society.

War and poverty: building reading achievement in a time of turbulence

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This summer, in the midst of an escalating war, Dr. Rosalind Horowitz, professor in the Department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching, traveled to several cities in Israel to give lectures based on her research and to collaborate with researchers in the Negev, the southernmost part of Israel.

A run for your money

in Jerusalem

What would motivate 16 man with young families and careers to take on relay race from Jerusalem to Eilat? Charity, of cource

Un Haredi muy agradable, Ruth Yardeni Katz

Moshe Lefkowitz demostró que es posible ser Haredi (judío ultraortodoxo), trabajar día y noche, estar disponible para los demás, levantarse a la mañana y hacer que los sueños se conviertan en realidad; sembrar la esperanza en los niños y abrazar a las familias necesitadas, darles amor, escucharlos y darles las herramientas para triunfar.